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      The Bihor is a county located in the north-west of Romania within the Western Carpathian mountain range that dominate the scenery. The capital of the Bihor County is Oradea. Bihor represents exceptional tourist attractions as the county is a combination of old and new. Half the county is built up and functions in what is the norm of the modern era with industry, technology etc. whereas the other half lives in the old traditional way as if time had slowed down in the Apuseni Mountains (a part of the western Carpathians) wilderness. Most of these traditional rural villages and settlement extend all the way to the highest altitudes.Let arrange budget-wise hotel bookings in this area that is fast becoming a hotspot for travelers looking for the off-the-beaten track destinations. The locations of these discount hotels are spread around the picturesque county of Bihor all offer wonderful scenery, secluded areas, great Romanian social and rural experiences. Some of the attractions to experience are the many fantastic waterfalls Saritoarea Iedutului, Iadolina, Moara Dracului and the mystic caves that lace throughout the mountains such as the Onceasa, Cetatea Radesei and Sura Boghii cave. Let's not forget about the large range of opportunities for hiking, mountain climbing, trout fishing and all sorts of winter sports. The great outdoorsy activities in these unspoiled surroundings are a natural therapeutic way for rejuvenation.