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Brasov, in Transylvania, Romania, includes the Transylvanian Alps. As part of a holiday in the region, you can spend time hiking and following the trails. You may go to Turda to see a salt mine. You may also choose to wonder the country looking for signs of Count Dracula, including Bran Castle. A good place to start your trip is to visit Brasov. Dracula is not an integral part of Brasov culture. In Brasov, attractions include the Black Tower and the White Tower looming over the citys center. Climbing the summit of Mount Tampon is one of the things to do in Brasov; shopping in Brasov is another. Other Brasov sights are the Weavers Bastion a corner fort in the old city walls dating from the 16th century. There is the Orthodox Church of St. Nicholas din Schell (1595) with its black spire and the Museum of Ethnography. Spend a weekend in Brasov exploring the city then set out to see the rest of Transylvania.