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    Cluj is a county of northwestern Romania. It includes the Western Carpathian Mountains as well as several deeply etched river valleys. The countryside rolls along providing opportunities for hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. You may decide to go to the winter resort town of Bioara or visit Cluj-Napoca, the capital city of this county. In Cluj-Napoca, sights include St. Michaels Church with its Gothic structure and Neo-Gothic tower (1859). You may simply want to wander the Alexandra Borza Botanic Gardens seeing the greenhouses and the Japanese Garden. Other Cluj-Napoca attractions embrace such Cluj-Napoca culture institutions as the National Art Museum in Baroque Banffy Palace and the Ethnography Museum. If you need things to do in Cluj-Napoca go to the Museum of Zoology. Another alternative is to go shopping in Cluj-Napoca in the main square.