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        Constanta lies on the western coast of the Black Sea a short distance from the Bosphorus Strait. Constanta can trace its history back some 2,500 years and is still situated in the center of several commercial routes. The third largest city in Romania and the fourth largest port of Europe, Constanta is an ancient metropolis and an important cultural and economic centre, worth exploring for its many archaeological treasures.Constanta, Romania's largest sea port and seaside resort is not just the entry point to the Black Sea coast, it has a long and interesting past that gives it the atmosphere of an old town centre. Its many Roman vestiges, historical monuments, museums, ancient ruins, facades, mosques, and proximity to beach resorts make it the focal point of Black Sea coast tourism. can arrange budget-wise hotel bookings for the traveler. These discount hotels are centrally located in and around the vibrant inner city and offer easy access, all within walking distance to art galleries, grand Casino, cafés and open-air restaurants, trendy nightclubs, cabarets that offer a wide variety of entertainment and boutiques shops with the latest of fashion. Most importantly while in the area, do not forget to visit the Danube Delta which is a bird-lover's and watchers paradise.