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Dolj is a judet (county) on the Danube River in the southern part of Romania. The capital is Craiova, which dates back to Roman times. Many of the visitors in budget hotels in Dolj come to Craiova for its famous beer. Once youve quenched your thirst, there are several interesting sites to see. The 18th century Madona Dudu Church has murals by Gheorghe Tattarescu. The 17th century St. Dimitru Church is the oldest in the city. The Baniei House, which dates back to 1699, is the oldest non-religious building in the city. It now houses the Museum of Ethnography and Folk Art. The Craiova Art Museum is in a 19th century building, and among other great works it has Constantin Brancusis sculpture Kiss. In the Museum of Oltenia there are exhibits concerning ethnography, history and natural science. Be sure to take a walk through Nicolae Romanescu Park and the Botanical Garden.Eighty-seven kilometers from Craiova is the small Dolj town of Calafat. Here you can take a ferry across the Danube to the town of Vidin in Bulgaria. But before you make this interesting border crossing, see the local Museum of Art, and the monument to the 1877-78 war of independence against the Turks. Some visitors also take advantage of the opportunity to try their luck at fishing in the Danube. For information on cheap hotels in Dolj check the listings right here at