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    Galati, Romania is a lovely port city in Moldovia, which is located in the eastern section of the country. This city is located right on the Danube River, and visitors frequently come here for a memorable vacation. There is much to see and do in Galati, and deciding what to do first is often a minor quandary, especially when traveling with a group. Galati is a known cultural center. Attractions such as the Museum of Natural History with exhibits from ancient times, and the Museum of Natural Sciences with its zoo and botanical gardens will be of interest to visitors of all ages. The Museum of Romanian Contemporary Art and the Museum of Visual Arts are both highly interesting as well as educational. Some of the budget hotels in Galati may be within walking distance of these and other attractions.Other attractions in Galati include visits to the Odobesti and the Niculitel Vineyards. The Garboave Forest is a thousand acres of oak trees to visit. You can also visit the Ostrovul Prut National Park. Cruise tours of the Danube River are a very popular pastime for those tourists visiting Galati. Choosing the right accommodations from the discount hotels in Galati will save you a bundle of cash to use on other aspects of your vacation.