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Hunedoara is a city in the Romanian region of Transylvania. It was important in ancient times because of local iron deposits. The remains of iron smelters from the time of ancient Dacia have been found here. Although many people come to cheap hotels in Hunedoara because of the many historical connections, others come for the beautiful countryside. The flora and wildlife attract hikers, cyclists and bird watchers. Anglers come for the great fishing in local streams.

One of the principal attractions in Hunedoara is Hunadi Castle, also known as Corvins Castle. This fortress dates back to at least the 15th century, and is the most important Gothic-style non-religious structure in Transylvania. It had a central role in Romanian history, and even has a connection to the Dracula legend. The father of Prince Vlad, the original Dracula, was held prisoner here. Because of its classic battlements and towers, Hunadi Castle has often been used as a movie set. Visitors should also see the Hunedoara Zoo, the Pestis Roman Ruins, and the Paleontological Natural Reservation of Buituri and Nandru. For a great view of the town and countryside, go to the Oak Forest of Chizid. There is a lovely recreational area around the Cincis Accumulation Lake. In May, cheap hotels in Hunedoara fill up quickly when people come for the Medieval Festival held near the castle. Visitors can watch dances, parades and knightly competitions.