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    Iasi, Romania is a city located in the northeastern region of Romania in the principality of Moldavia. The city has earned the nickname of the city on seven hills and the city of great loves. It is the third largest city in Romania and is also home to Romanias oldest university. Budget hotels in Iasi are not too hard to find and an cheap Iasi hotel is a great way to enjoy an environment that includes both 500 year old churches as well as more modern architecture. Although some of the oldest buildings in the city were destroyed during the Communist regime there is still plenty to see.The Metropolitan Cathedral in Iasi is the seat of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Iasi and of the Romanian Orthodox Metropolitan of Moldavia and Bukovina. The Trei Ierarhi Monastery and the Palace of Culture should also be on your itinerary. The Palace of Culture was built on the ruins of the Royal Court of Moldavia in the early 20th century and contains four different museums. These include the Art Museum, the Moldavian History Museum, the Ethnographic Museum of Moldavia, and the Museum of Science and Technology.