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Ilfov is a county situated in the southern part of Romania. It surrounds the countries capital city Bucharest. The whole county in and around Bucharest used to be mainly agricultural and rural, but since the fall of communism it has developed into the suburbs of the capital. Due to the major economic growth these commuter towns and villages of the county now house many head-offices, numerous production facilities, companies and warehouses. This making Ilfov the most developed county in all of Romania.Many budget-wise hotels in and around the county are available to the discerning traveler and can set up a discount hotel which offers easy access to a long list of noteworthy sites. The county of Ilfov is laden with historical charm and has it all. Big city activities such as museums, ballets, operas, numerous ancient Palaces and Monasteries, a must see would be the colossal Parliament Palace, a 6000 room building, the worlds second largest parliament headquarters. And of course let’s not forget Curtea Domneasca — Dracula's palace in Bucharest. Although the county of Ilfov is undergoing major urbanization it still remains green and pleasant, surrounded by many lakes offering different water sports and fishing, forests for hunting. The area is immersed with parks, beaches, many Casinos and great restaurants offering a wide variety of dishes, followed by world famous pastries for dessert all paired with Romanian wines and Tuica, the plum brandy, which is the national drink.