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Maramures is a city in Romania where time has seemingly stood still for quite a long time. The local citizens of Maramures have held on to most of their traditions that go back centuries in time. The culture and even the crafts of their Dacian ancestors are as valid for them today as they were for others hundreds of years ago. Carved wooden gates, a wooden church, carpets woven by hand and detailed embroidery on the clothing of the Maramures is natural for these people, and fascinating for visitors. The cheap hotels in Maramures Romania allow tourists to secure lodging at a rate that is quite pleasing to the pocketbook.A visit to the Rodnei Mountains National Park to see the various flora and fauna is an opportunity not to be missed. Visitors should also make an effort for a chance to take in the wonderful mountain scenery, many visitors take a short tour on a narrow gauge steam train. It travels from Viseu de Sus around 30 miles up into the higher parts of the valley to reveal nature at its finest. Discount hotels in Maramures Romania are well appointed, with comfortable rooms and friendly staff.