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    Mures, Romania is a county, or judet, located in the central north of the country. The area has a troubled history. It had a large Jewish population after World War I and, once the German occupation took over in March of 1944, the city of Mures, one of the largest in the county, lost many to deportations to Auschwitz. The Jews leave behind the Great Synagogue of Targue-Mures, a building dating back to 1899. When they do, they do find discount hotels in Mures, Romania available to them.Mures is still a major county in the Transylvania region of the country. There, you will find several universities, including several for medial and drama education. Visitors may wish to stop by the Palace of Culture as it often offers a festival or other activity. The Teleki-Bolyai Library is also located here and dates back to the 18th century. Here, you will find a historical history of the Transylvania region. Visitors may wish to travel to the medieval city of Sighisoara or explore the modern city of Reghin. The Sovat Resort attracts many, too. For those visitors looking for affordable hotels in Mures, Romania, make sure to look in the heart of the county's cultural region.