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When visiting Romania, Transylvania is a common stop for most tourists. Inside the region, the city of Targu Mures is found in Mures County. The city was first mentioned in written history in 1332 in the papal registry, although it was listed as Novum Forum Siculorum. When you are looking for your discount Targu Mures hotel on, its important to know that budget hotels in Targu Mures may also be listed in Mureseni or Remetea, two villages within the area.There are several charming buildings in Targu Mures. The City Hall is an imposing and grand structure that looks much older than it is. It was constructed in the early 20th century and renovated in 1962. The Cultural Palace of Targu Mures is popular with visitors for its Hall of Mirrors. For more historic architecture, visit the City Fortress. The fortress and the church inside it were built in phases between 1602 and 1658. For some interesting information about the regions history, stop in the Teleki Library. The structure was built in the late 18th century and contains one of the worlds most impressive collection of Transylvanian cultural artifacts.