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    Prahova is located in the Muntenia region of Romania. This area has a larger population than that of any other Romanian county. Prahova is known for its salt mine, the largest of its kind in all of Europe, and is seen by tourists as a resort area, due to its supply of warm mineral water springs. You will find spas and inpatient facilities in Prahova that take full advantage of this wonderful gift from nature. Many of those who come here to enjoy the warm springs are also interested in saving money on a hotel room. There are cheap hotels in Prahova that offer their guests a happy solution when the time comes to decide on a place to stay while in Romania.The Unirea Mine in Prahova is an attraction that most visitors to Romania will be curious about. At one time, the Unirea was an inpatient hospital for asthmatic patients. It was made into a tourist attraction in 1970. The Mihai Mine in Prahova is also open to tourists. National and international contests for model planes are held here, and these competitions are free to visitors. The discount hotels in Prahova are well situated, and some of them are close to the main attractions of the city.