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Banat is the door to Romania from nearby Hungary. Travelers arrive at hotels in Banat with plans to move further into the country. They may stop at Gai with its monastery in a baroque complex, but they often leave their Banat hotels to head to Bucharest or Transylvania. This is a shame. Banat deserves more than a weekend. Banat has the Hapsberg era structures in Timisoara, Romania’s fourth largest city. You can also leave Banat cheap hotels to see the 14th century Orthodox Church in Lipova or bathe in its mineral springs. There are also springs in Băile Herculane. You can also visit its Roman Bath Museum and the 200-year old Wellingtoniă Gigantea tree.If you need to find accommodation, look in They can recommend hotels that fit your budget, including discount hotels. Banat can then show you the 18th century Roman Catholic Cathedral a Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Timisoara. This city is also home to the Banat History Museum. It is in a 14th century Huniades Palace.