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You can find the Carpathian Mountains in the South (Transylvanian Alps), and in the East and West of Romania. They blanket much of the region. Travelers come to hotels in the Carpathian Mountains to ski and hike. They drive through the region to explore the valleys of old Saxon towns with their fortified churches dating from the Middle Ages. They leave their Carpathian Mountains hotels to visit the twin-peaked “Stone of the Prince in Piatra Craiului National Park. They save on their budget by booking Carpathian Mountains cheap hotels so they can remain in the region for at least a weekend. Some opt for discount hotels. Carpathian Mountains then show them the cities of Brasov and Cluj-Napoca. Check with for hotel solutions.Upon arriving, consider visiting Sinai. This is a resort town on the tree-clad Bucegi Mountains. It has Peleşcastle with its fairy tale-like turrets ensconced in a green meadow. The styles are a blend of Moorish, Florentine and even French influences. In Cluj-Napoca, wander the Alexandra Borza Botanic Gardens.