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      You cannot stay in this region without visiting or noticing Lakes Floreasca and Tei. As visitors who leave Lakes Floreasca and Tei hotels, even Lakes Floreasca and Tei cheap hotels, can tell you, these lakes are an integral part of Bucharest. They occur as enlargements of the Coletina River. There is, in addition, an artificial Lake in the region, Lake Cişmigui. Some tourists leave their hotels in Lakes Floreasca and Tei to visit the botanical gardens on Lake Cişmigui or the Baza Sportiva. Some remain in hotels farther afield, particularly if they wish to stay for longer than a weekend. Lakes Floreasca and Tei, since they are in Bucharest, are expensive. Check with for solutions that work with your budget, including discount hotels. Lakes Floreasca and Tei can then become affordable.The region around the Lakes is becoming home to its own city – Floreasca City and Floreasca Park. It is still, however, the proximity of the lakes in the city of Bucharest that draws people to the area. They come to see the Memorial of Rebirth and the second largest building worldwide – the Palace of the Parliament. They stay for the cultural experience.