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      Romania is also home to Lake Tei. As visitors who leave Lake Tei hotels, even Lake Tei cheap hotels, can tell you, this lake is one of the strongest tourist attractions in Bucharest. The lake was created by the Coletina River. Lake Cişmigui is another lake in the area, drawing tourists from all over the globe. Smart tourists will journey from their hotels in Lake Tei to visit the botanical gardens on Lake Cişmigui. The Baza Sportiva is another popular place to take a day trip. Some will wish to find hotels farther away from the lakes of the area, especially when staying over a weekend. Lake Tei hotels, since they are in Bucharest, are expensive. Check with for solutions that work with your budget, including discount hotels. Lake Tei will then become a much more affordable choice for your next vacation.Floreasca City and Floreasca Park are now popular attractions for the seasoned traveler, offering many eating options and cultural attractions. Tourists will travel to the Memorial of Rebirth and to what is considered the second largest building worldwide – the Palace of the Parliament. The region around Lake Tei is becoming home to its own city and is adjacent to another lake: Lake Floreasca, creating a lovely region of lake beauty and fun. Sometimes these two lakes are confused, but this should not be as they are unique in their experience. Towns and cities in the region around Lake Tei include Bucharest.