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No Romanian region draws as much attention in the media as Transylvania. Tourists arrive to stay in hotels in Transylvania, even Transylvania cheap hotels so they can see the home of Dracula. They visit Bran Castle on a jagged outcrop of rock and leave their Transylvania hotels to wander the streets of Sighişoara, the birthplace of Dracula. They remain for more than a weekend. Transylvania then shows them the haunts of the Count and much more. Tourists can visit Brasov where the Black Tower and the White Tower loom over the city’s center. They can go to Cluj-Napoca to visit the Museum of Zoology. Check with for hotel suggestions.While in the area, you might want to stay in discount hotels. Transylvania can then show you other sights in such places as Turda and Sighişoara. In Turda, you can view the Turda Gorge and visit a salt mine. If you book a hotel near Brasov, you can always leave the city and hike or ski in the Bucegi Mountains.