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Satu Mare means Great Village in Hungarian. This Romanian city is the capital of Satu Mare County. Over the years, Satu Mare has become a significant cultural, academic, business and industrial center. Visitors come to Satu Mare to enjoy the many attractions and venues that the city is known for. There is something in Satu Marie that will please tourists of all ages. Shoppers will appreciate the many works of art as well as the handicrafts that are for sale at the shops in Satu Mare. You may be fortunate enough to locate one of the discount hotels in Satu Mare that is close to the main attractions the city has to offer.You will want to make sure to check out some of the favorite attractions in Satu Marie. The Firefighters Tower, House of the Shoemakers Guild, the Old City Hall, and the Roman Catholic Cathedral are all spots that are historical as well as interesting. The Satu Marie Museum of Art, the Museum of History, and the Museum of Ethnography will be of interest to all. The Poiana Codrului Glass Factory, along with the Karoly Castle rounds out the list of interesting attractions. There are budget hotels in Satu Mare with the modern conveniences and amenities travelers are used to finding in more expensive accommodations. The listings at can be quite helpful to you in choosing a hotel that is to your liking.