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          Sibiu is a county in Transylvania, Romania. It is situated near the geographical center of the country and is built along the Cibin River, a tributary of the river Olt. The Cibin River as well as some smaller streams run throughout the county of Sibiu. The geographical position of the county makes it one of the most important transportation hubs of Romania. Important roads and railway lines pass through one of the largest counties in Transylvania, Romania. It’s the capital also named Sibiu is located less then 300 km NW of the countries capital of Bucharest. Sibiu's climate is temperate-continental.The whole county along with its capital is a haven for the history buff. The area is literally filled with historical sites some dating back to the 12th century. Sibiu was one of the seven walled citadels known as Siebenburgen built by German settlers known as Transylvanian Saxons. It is surrounded by an entire network is remarkably well-preserved imposing walls; Sibiu's original fortifications included 39 defensive towers. A must see are several steep streets and stairways that lead from the lower to the upper town. One of them passes beneath the first wrought iron bridge in Romania, the Bridge of Lies. Most of the Sibiu county is pedestrian-friendly and features many cobblestone streets lined with colorful houses. specializes in setting up great discount hotel registrations. They have the information about all the budget-wise hotels in and around the county as well as the city of Sibiu.