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          Romania's Sibiu, straddling the Cibin River, is one of Transylvania's largest cities, and is approximately 175 miles northwest of Bucharest. Given that it is a major transport hub for the region, getting there is easy. It has an international airport, that has direct flights from Munich, Vienna, Bucharest, Timioara, Stuttgart, Koln, and Madrid. For those traveling by car, it is on the E68 and E81 European routes, and is also on the DN1, DN7, and DN 14 national routes. It is also a nexus for international bus routes, and is on the main lines (200 & 206) of the CFR-Romanian Railways. It has one tramway, five trolleybus lines, and about 2,000 taxis, with fares regulated so that all companies charge the same will hep you get the best deal on a great discount hotel in Sibiu, so that you can spend the bulk of your vacation money on having fun. And fun is easily available. In 2007, Sibiu was deemed the European Capital of Culture. The town's center is on its way to becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site, There are trails for hiking and trekking, and for winter sports. You can visit the Radu Stanca National Theatre, and the Gong Theatre. You can go to one of the weekly concerts presented at Thalia Hall by the State Philharmonic of Sibiu, or the concerts at either the Evangelical Cathedral or the Orthodox Cathedral. There are many museums, including the ASTRA National Museum Complex, and a Steam Locomotive Museum.