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Visitors to Suceava, Romania have the best of both worlds. They are able to use this location as a sort of home base, from which they can branch out through the Bucovina region and enjoy the many attractions it has to offer, such as the well known Painted Monasteries. Suceava has many attractions within its city limits as well. You will want to check out St. George’s Church, and the Bucovina Ethnographic Museum. This attraction boasts all sorts of exhibits, including a wonderful collection of folk costumes. More people visiting Suceava make it a point to visit and take a tour of what remains of the Princely Court than any other attraction in the city.The Zamca Monastery is quite an interesting attraction, as is the Bucovina Village Museum. Here, you can learn about and admire the woodcraft and folk art of Suceava and the surrounding area. The Bucovina History Museum features historical and archeological displays. Restaurants in Suceava feature good, hearty Romanian cuisine that most visitors to the area find quite delicious. The hotels in Suceava, like most of those in Romania, feature professional and courteous staff, and clean, comfortable rooms. You will find that your stay in a Suceava hotel will be one of comfort and relaxation. If you are in need of a discount Suceava hotel, look no further than for help in locating suitable accommodations.