Hotels in Rădăuţi

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Rădăuţi Details

In Romania, budget hotels in Radauti offer an excellent location for a holiday. Radauti is located in a historical region and visitors will enjoy touring the many monuments and attractions. For hotels near these, visit to find the ones that suits your needs at the best rates! The Bogdana Monastery, built in the 14th century, is the oldest in Moldova and is open to the public for tours. Visitors will see examples of Gothic architecture and classical elements. The local Museum of Ethnography is another popular tourist stop. This museum was opened in 1920 and houses over 8,000 objects including paintings, manuscripts, ceramics, musical instruments, and more.Visitors looking for excitement can visit the Radauti Zoo and see both local and exotic animals. And, the local horse farm, the Stud Radauti, has an impressive history of training horses for military use. Guests can book classes at the farm. Discount hotels in Radauti are also near one of the most important monuments to Jewish history in the country, the Hebrew Temple. The Radauti temple honors the Jewish traditions and life of Romanias Jews and is an exciting and moving place to visit.