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The largest county in Banat in southwestern Romania is Timis. Nearby is Serbia. The region is home to the spa town of Buzias and Mercys Castle at Caroni. You can also visit Timisoara, the major city in this region. Plan to spend at least a weekend in Timisoara. There are many important Timisoara attractions. Foremost on your agenda should be the Metropolitan Cathedral. This treasure of Timisoara culture is a perfect example of Eastern Orthodox architecture. Within its basement, you can find a number of priceless artifacts. Other Timisoara sights consist of the 14th century Huniades Palace, home to the Banat History Museum. After shopping in Timisoara in the pedestrian mall, you might want to visit the Galeria Helios featuring local artwork. Other things to do in Timisoara embrace the café scene, the opera house and the Reformed Church. You may want to wander along the tree-lined Bega Canal or sit in the gardens of Piaţa Libertţi.