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    Cathedral of the Assumption Details

    Intended originally to be the foremost Cathedral of all Russia, the Cathedral of Assumption was built in 1158 and stands today as a prime example of the intricate beauty and detail of Russian architecture. The spires of the Cathedral are topped with the traditional onion shaped domes that foreigners have come to classify with Russian design in general, but theres more to the Cathedral than its façade.

    The interior of the Cathedral of Assumption is built to be incredibly tall and is lit with twelve massive ornate windows that let in the daytime sun. There are also several galleries worth a look, including hundreds of religious icons adorned with delicate gold-leafing and fine woods, as well as impressive and historically significant fresco paintings by Andrei Rublev and Danul Chorny. An attraction that offers quite a bit of perspective on Russian history and culture all in one place, the Cathedral of Assumption is not to be missed.

    Address: Moscow, Russia, 103073

    Phone: +7 495 695-37-76

    Opened: 1479

    Architect: Aristotele Fioravanti