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    Lenin Mausoleum Details

    One of the longest standing modern features of Red Square is the Mausoleum that serves as the final resting place of Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin. Todays visitors to Moscow can view the embalmed body in much the same state that the 100,000 mourners of 1924 did, thanks to the tombs preserving properties. The construction of the mausoleum is itself something of a history lesson; originally built out of wood, the entire structure was created in only three days time by architect Aleksey Shchusev.The mausoleum of Vladimir Lenin is also well known for its proximity to other famous Russian landmarks, such as the Kremlin and the former Soviet Parliament building. An essential part of any complete tour of Russia, over 10 million people have visited Lenins Tomb since its creation. Thus, visitors wishing to share in an important part of Russian history and heritage should highly consider making the iconic pilgrimage themselves.

    Address: Red Square, Moscow, Russia, 101000

    Phone: +7 495 623 55 27

    Open hours: 10:00 am - 1:00 pm