Hotels in Ostafyevo International Airport

    Ostafyevo International Airport Details

    While vacationing in Russia, Moscow is a city that everyone simply must visit. There are so many things to do in Moscow it is literally impossible to try everything in a week or two. When choosing which airport to use, consider that Ostafyevo International Airport is the closest airport to the wonderful Moscow City. The closer the airport is to the city you are visiting the faster you get to start having fun, and likewise the faster you can get home if and when you get tired of the city. This airport is not the largest airport leading to Moscow, nor is it the most modern but is certainly is the closest one to the city. The airport is very nice and perfectly adequate.

    Address: Ostafyevo Airport, P.O. Ryazanovo Moscow 142131, Russia

    Code: OSF

    Phone: +7 495 817 30 13