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    Moscows famous Red Square is akin to Chinas Forbidden City is that it serves as something of a nexus to many of the citys most famous sights and attractions. The Red Square is where the Moscow Kremlin is located, and separates the government offices from the business districts of the city. In a sense, one can consider the Red Square to be the hub of all Russia, because all Moscow streets (which eventually radiate outwards and become the national highways) meet here.Tourists of Moscow who love art and culture are in for a treat, as Red Square is home to many famous structures and paintings. In particular, famous Russian painters Vasily Surikov and Konstantin Yuon have works on display here. St. Basils Cathedral and the Kremlin itself are also located here, two of the most famous sights in all of Russia. In 1990, UNESCO added Red Square to its World Heritage List, further cementing its reputation as a must see attraction for those visiting Russia.