Hotels in Sheremetyevo International Airport

    Sheremetyevo International Airport Details

    The Sheremetyevo International Airport is located in Moscow, Russia. This huge airport handles over 12 million passengers a year, and is one of the 3 major airports serving the big city of Moscow. After flying into this huge airport it can take as short of a time as 20 minutes to get to the city center, not during rush hour. Once you begin exploring the fabulous sights of Moscow City, you will never want to go back home. This city has everything.After you are done doing all there is to do in Moscow and you need to get back to the airport do not try to go during rush hour or you will miss your flight. Calling a cab to get you to the airport from the city will cost between 30 to 40 dollars. There are other ways back to the airport like slow buses and fast minivans, and fixed price taxis called marshrutkas.

    Address: Khimki, Moscow Oblast, Russia, 141400

    Code: SVO

    Phone: +7 495 578 65 65