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    South River Terminal Details

    There are all of two passenger river terminals in the city of Moscow in Russia. The one covering the southern region is the Southern River Terminal. The architect A.M. Rukhlyadev designed this river terminal, and it was then built in the year 1985. The Southern River terminal is a fairly new terminal and is in excellent condition. If you have never traveled by river before, you simply must come try it out.Taking a trip by river to the City will be a fun new experience you can tell all your friends about, upon returning from your vacation in Russia. There are so many things to do in Moscow; you will probably have to come on another visit just to see everything at least once. Taking a vacation to Russia should be a priority for you and it will likely be something you will remember all your life, good luck in your travels.

    Address: Prospekt Andropova, 11, к. 2, Moscow, Russia, 115432

    Phone: +7 499 618 08 11