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    For fans of the world famous school of Russian Literature, the Tolstoy House in Moscow is an attraction that absolutely cannot be missed. The building where legendary Russian author Leo Tolstoy passed the majority of his life, the Tolstoy House is home not only to superb examples of period furniture and well-preserved examples of the periods lifestyle, but also two immensely famous portraits of the Count himself by two of Russias most renowned painters, Ivan Kramskoy and Ilya Repin.Visitors can even see Tolstoys study where it is believed that he penned the greatest parts of his masterworks, including War and Peace and Anna Karenina. The study itself contains many of the tools used by the master, including pens still containing traces of ink, pencils, knives, and drawing instruments. Historical-minded tourists will note with humor the peasant-class clothes hanging in the wardrobe of one of Russias most famous aristocrats. Ever the humble eccentric, Tolstoys life is embodied in full by the many wonderful sights and attractions of Tolstoy House.

    Address: ul. Rubinshteyna, 15/17, St Petersburg, Russia, 191002