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    Moscow Zoo Details

    Originally a private collection of animals owned by a collective of biologists, the Moscow Zoo officially became the Moscow Zoo when it was nationalized by the government in 1922. It has remained an institute under the dominion of the government ever since. Visitors wishing to see a wide variety of animal life, including many specimens that are unique to the country of Russia should definitely take the time to stop off here.

    Originally, the zoo contained only around 300 animals, but in modern times that has significantly expanded to nearly 6000. At the zoo, one can not only observe the animals for idle amusement, but also monitor their behavior and various habits such as feeding and reproduction. The zoo is also home to quite a few rare and endangered species, making it an essential stop for the Russia tourist who happens to be an animal lover or a practicing conservationist.

    Address: B. Gruzinskaya 1, Moscow 123242, Russia