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Chuvashia, also called the Chuvash Republic, is located in the middle of the European part of Russia on the Volga River. Though it is relatively small interritory, it is heavily populated and industrialized. This is the homelandof the Chuvash people, often described as Russias third people, and overthe centuries it was fought over by Mongols, Russians and Bulgarians. Much ofthe land is still under forest, and there are hundreds of lakes.

The capital of the Chuvash Republic is Cheboksary. This historic city dates back to at least 1469 when it was mentioned in Russian military documents. In 1555 the Russians fortified the site and began a settlement that eventually became a major commercial center of the Volga region. It was noted for its twomonasteries and 25 churches. Today visitors enjoy the opera-ballet theaterand the philharmonic orchestra. They can see the monument to Vasily IvanovichChapayev, a hero of the Russian Civil War; St. Vladimirs Church, theMonument of Mother, and the Chuvashian-EXPO exhibition center. A newattraction is the zaliv; an artificial bay of the Volga River in the middleof the city, with boardwalks, beaches and cafes. Cheboksary has severalmuseums, including Russias only beer museum.