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      Roughly eleven percent of the population of Russia lives in the region of North West Russia, whose most well-known city is probably St. Petersburg, the third largest city in Europe. Tourists in search of historical North West Russia sights will be amazed at all the monuments to admire here; indeed, the citys historical center has been classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Check out the Church of the Savior on Blood, Kazan Cathedral, and the variety of palaces built for the royal family and other nobles. Some of these royal North West Russia attractions include the Summer Palace, Kikin Hall, and the Menshikov Palace.While visiting North West Russia, continue your tour through St. Petersburg and check out St. Isaacs Cathedral, which possesses the largest gold-plated dome in the world. Immerse yourself in some North West Russia culture and visit the Hermitage, which houses an enormous collection of Western European art. St. Petersburg is also a great place for North West Russia shopping. North West Russia tourism can also involve immersion in nature; you can admire snow-covered forests, suggestive lakes and take a ride on a troika, a horse-drawn sled.