Hotels in Baltic Railway Station

      Baltic Railway Station Details

      One of the busiest railway stations in Russia is the Baltic Railway Station. This railway station is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia; and it has a rich and interesting history. The construction of this beautiful station began in 1854. The architect responsible for designing the station was Alexander Krakau, who modeled it after Paris Gare de lEst. After three long years of construction the Baltic Railway station was opened on July 21st 1857. In 1872, after the railway line was extended.This beautiful station has a glass roof covering the terminal platforms, and includes two storey wings; interestingly the left used to be reserved, only Russian royalty were allowed to use this side. Inside there is an original clock which was made by, watchmaker to the tsar, Pavel Bure. After you have seen the sights of Saint Petersburg, stop in at the Baltic Railway station to continue on to your next destination.

      Address: Naberezhnaya Obvodnovo Kanala 120, St Petersburg, Russia