Hotels in Moscow Railway Station

      Moscow Railway Station Details

      The Moscow Railway Station serves many needs. It serves as one end of the famous Moscow St. Petersburg Railway system, and also provides transportation services to several other parts of Russia, such as Siberia, the Ukraine, and Crimea. It lies on the famous Nevsky Prospect, and is easily recognizable for its distinct appearance. It is the oldest railway station in the city, dating back to 1851, so in addition to providing a useful function, it may well also be of interest to tourists looking for a taste of the citys history and culture.The Moscow Railway Station is also considered to be a masterpiece of architecture, with large Venetian style windows, classic Corinthian columns, and a centralized clock tower that dominates the entire structure. Apart from the façade, the interior also features beautiful vaulted ceilings, and a bronze bust of Peter the Great that is sure to please those with an interest in the countrys history and legendary historical figures.

      Address: Luzhniki embankment, Moscow, Russia