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      Peterhof Palace and Garden Details

      One of the most elaborate attractions that a Russia tourist has available during a trip to Saint Petersburg is the Peterhof Palace and Gardens. More than just a single structure, this is actually a vast network of palaces and gardens, constructed at the orders of Peter the Great. So grand are the sights of the Peterhof Palace and Gardens that they've been called the Versailles of Russia and were chosen by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Notable features of the Peterhof Palace and Gardens include the many fountains strewn throughout that feature elaborate stonework and an immaculate sense of design. Many of the fountains incorporate beautiful sculptures, such as the famous Samson and the Lion depicting a powerful scene from the Bible with special significance to Russians. Be sure also to visit the centerpiece of the entire layout, the Grand Palace, which features not only period French design on the interior, but also quite a few instances of excellent period artwork from German artists that depict famous Russian battles and legends.

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