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      The Alexander Pushkin Apartment Museum in Saint Petersburg is a fine attraction to visit for any traveler to the city who is looking to learn a little bit more about art, history, or local customs. The Museum itself is the apartment where Russias most famous poem, the inimitable Alexander Pushkin (of Eugene Onegin fame) worked and lived out his last days before dying in a duel of honor in 1837.The apartment has been refurnished in such a way that its actually probably now quite a bit more lavish than it actually was during Pushkins occupancy, as he was forced to support a family of six with his writing. However, many legitimate artifacts of his time there still remain, including the waistcoat that he was wearing when struck by the fatal bullet. Visitors to the museum who want to learn more can extend their trip to nearby Konyusennaya Church, which is just around the corner, and the Imperial stables.

      Address: nab. Reki Moyki, 12, St Petersburg, Russia, 191186

      Phone: +7 812 571-38-01

      Open hours: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm