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      Russian Vodka Museum Details

      Visitors to Russia who are looking for something thats truly out of the ordinary need look no further than the Russian Vodka Museum. The only museum of its type in the world, what might at first seem a tongue in cheek attempt at poking fun at the countrys most famous beverage, the Russian Vodka Museum actually presents a rather thorough and exhaustive look at the history of the drink and the culture surrounding it.Tourists who come to the Russian Vodka Museum will learn all about the 500 years of trial and error that have gone into the quest to refine and perfect distillation techniques to create a more pure vodka. The exhibits to be enjoyed include one of the very first devices used for distillation, dating back to the 15th century. In addition, visitors will learn about the role that Vodka played throughout important eras in Russian history such as the reforms of Peter the Great, and the rise of the Golden Age of Russian Art and Literature in the middle to late nineteenth century. No matter your interests, the Russian Vodka Museum is definitely worth your time.

      Address: Konnogvardeiskiy Blvd. 4, Metro Gostiny Dvor, St. Petersburg 190000, Russia