Hotels in The Moscow Gate

      The Moscow Gate Details

      Created by the same architect who created the monumentally impressive Narva Triumphal Gate, the Moscow Triumphal Gate is another of Saint Petersburgs most famous attractions, and one imbued with a rich history that should appeal to many tourists looking for something satisfying to do in the city. The monument, made almost entirely of heavy cast iron, was built in the 1830's as a way to commemorate the victory of the Russians in the Russo-Turkish War. It makes something of a matched set wit the Narva Triumphal Gate, even though they are intended to signify two different things.The Gates design is essentially twelve massive pillars or columns, on top of which rests a great slab adorned with super-intricate carvings and sculptures of figures involved in the victory of the Russians. At the time of its creation, the Moscow Triumphal Gate was the worlds largest structure of cast iron by quite a wide margin.

      Address: Moskovskiy pr., St Petersburg, Russia, 196084