Hotels in The Narva Gate

      The Narva Gate Details

      Erected in 1814 in Saint Petersburg as a reminder of the Russian victory over Napoleons advancing forces, the Narva Triumphal Gate is a striking example of Russian architecture and a must-see attraction for the Saint Petersburg tourist who wants to get the most out of his or her trip. The structure was originally intended to be first seen by soldiers who were returning from duty, and it was accordingly placed over the Narva highway, where it stands today.The design of the Gate owes much to Roman symbols of victory and perseverance. Laurel wreaths adorn the frame, and there is even an impressive statue of the Goddess of Victory, Nike, that sits upon the very top of the Gate. Visible from a long way away thanks to the distinctive bright green color, the stone Gate makes for a worthwhile visit by any tourist who wants to get the most perspective on Saint Petersburg long and exhaustive history, which in many ways can be seen as the history of Russia itself.

      Address: Ploshchad Stachek, St Petersburg, Russia