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      The Tsar Carpenter Details

      One of the Admiralty embankments most impressive and historically significant sites, the Tsar Carpenter sculpture, meant to commemorate the figure of Peter the Great, is one of the most intricate and rewarding sculptures in all of Russia. Visitors from far and wide who are looking for a taste of the Russian artistic tradition should take the time out to come and see this masterwork in all its glory.Originally sculpted in bronze, the Tsar Carpenter has since faded to a handsome greenish hue and depicts Peter the Great as a young man, doing about the job of building a ship. In classic Russian tradition placing value on workmanship, the figures sleeves are rolled back, and he firmly grips an axe in one hand. This pose captures the moment when Peter the Great set out to learn the art of shipbuilding, something that would later prove instrumental to his successful reign.

      Address: Admiralteiskaya Naberezhnaya, St. Petersburg, Russia