Hotels in Vasilievsky Island

      Vasilievsky Island Details

      Often considered to be the center of Saint Petersburgs historical district, Vasilievsky Island is located just across a river from the famed Winter Palace. It is connected to the mainland by two historically significant bridges, the Palace Bridge and the Lieutenant Schmidt Bridge, which should be of great interest to Saint Petersburg tourists looking for an attraction thats entertaining yet educational.While visiting the Island, tourists can see several different museums, including the famous Old Bourse, which enjoys a great deal of popularity among foreign travelers. Theres also the Menshikov Palace and St. Andrews Cathedral for those history buffs, as well as an assortment of other structures dating back to the 18th century. Youll also find much of Saint Petersburg State University located here, as well as the former palace of Tsar Peter II. Tourists who visit the island are unlikely to find themselves with a shortage of things to do or see, making Vasilievsky Island one of the most popular points on any successful tour of the country.

      Address: Ostrov Vasil'yevskiy, St Petersburg, Russia 199178