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    Perm krai is a district in Russia, located in the eastern part of the Russian plain in the basin of the Kama River. It is a country rich in minerals and history. The natural wealth of this region attracted the attention of Russian czars from Ivan the Terrible to Peter the Great. Today budget hotels in Perm krai fill up with tourists who come for the mountain skiing, hiking, cycling, river rafting, and horseback riding.

    The principal community in Perm Krai is the city of Perm, which was founded by Czar Peter I in 1723. One of Perms main attractions is the Perm State Art Gallery, which is housed in the Cathedral of Christs Transfiguration. It is renowned for its collection of Permean wooden sculptures. For a unique experience, go to the Sergei Diaghilev Museum which is dedicated to the man who made Russian ballet world famous. The guides are multi-lingual children. Visitors can tour a beautiful mosque that has served the Tatar Muslims of Perm krai since 1902, and is an iconic feature of the Perm skyline. In Khokhlovka, about 45 km north of Perm, visitors can tour the Architecture-Ethnography Museum. This is an impressive collection of wooden buildings from the 18th century, including two churches, a firehouse, and an izba a traditional wooden cottage. If youre in a discount hotel in Perm krai in late July or early August, you can enjoy the Kamwa Festival of art, music and fashion.