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      Samara is the fifth largest city located in south-eastern of European Russia, between the Samara River and the left bank of the Volga River with the Sokolyi Hills and the steppes as backdrops. Kuybishev became Samara in the 90's and is now a large and important social, political, economic, industrial and cultural center in European Russia. Its many large industrial developments are mainly related to the aerospace industry.Samara has a continental climate which means that it has nice hot summers but cold winters. Samara's long and beautiful embankment of river-front is one of the favorite recreation places for tourists and the more than 3.0 million people of the Samara region. The vibrant inner city offers easy access, all within walking distance to art galleries, museums, theaters, trendy cafés and restaurants. Dont forget to check out the unique chocolate products that the Russia Chocolate Factory in Samara is well known for. Rodnik vodka and Zhiguli beer are also products of the Samara region.