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      Samara is one of the oldest cities that can be found in the historic country of Russia, and it also contains an equal amount of culture to match it. Located towards the southwestern area of the country, Samara provides tourists with everything they'd want to get out of the ideal Russian vacation. There's so much to do here, your head might get dizzy! Take the time and the opportunity to experience genuine Russian Architecture and -- if you're daring and of age -- try a little vodka while you're at it. The hotels in Samara can also do you only good, thanks to their cheap rates and excellent accommodations.Exploring Russia may seem like a daunting task, but there's a whole lot of fascinating features and excitement to be found here. For instance, the Bolshoy Kinel River runs nearby the city, along with the appropriately named Samara River. Great places to check out nature! The Kinel railway station is also close to this area, providing great transportation, and may very well lead you to the Orenburg Railway Station! In the end, saving money can be maximized by making reservations at a Samara hotel using