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    San Marino is an enclave within Italy. Better said San Marino is a small (61-sq km/24-sq mile) country lying wholly within the boundaries of Italy. It is the third smallest city-state in Europe and has the typical Mediterranean climate with nice warm summers and mild winters. It is set into the rugged terrain of the Apennines mountain range with its highest point being Monte Titano.  The San-marinese territory is made up of nine ancient citadels or Castelli also known as municipalities, including the capital, the city of San Marino.The area holds a wealth of history based on the legend of Saint Marinus who founded the community in 300 AD. There are also numerous museums and priceless architectural monuments to see, while the assorted crafts and souvenirs provide a vast, pleasant shopping experience. The vineyards in the fertile soils of the Emilia Romagna area the soft rolling hills of the Marche and Montefeltro and on to the placid Adriatic Sea all visible from the mountain peaks offer unique, dazzling panoramas.