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      San Marino is a tiny (6 square kilometers) independent republic near the Italian city of Rimini. It has a population of about 23,000. San Marino has been independent of the Italian government for centuries. Napoleon once called it a perfect republic. It now depends almost wholly on the tourist industry for income. Though it is very small, San Marino is a great place to spend a vacation or just a weekend. This is an excellent base from which to tour northern Italy. San Marino has three medieval citadels: Montale, Rocca and Cesta, all connected by a walkway. This walkway offers excellent views of the Adriatic coast. In the Church of San Francesco, guests of San Marino hotels can see a painting of St. Francis by Guernico. There is also a Madonna and Child that is attributed to Raphael. Hotels in San Marino and surrounding Italian communities cater to every travel budget, from the very expensive to the practical. For information on discount hotels, San Marino cheap hotels and other low cost accommodation, go to