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In the gorgeous San Marino countryside are budget hotels in Serravalle. Visitors to the area will enjoy absorbing local history and culture. The auto industry is important to the region and 2 museums, the Ferrari Museum and the Abarth Museum, both Maranello Rosso Museums, are near Serravalle's city center. The Museum of Modern Weapons is known for over 600 examples of bayonets, firearms, and ammunition. This museum is located inside the Cesta Fortress, a 13th century structure on the highest point of Mount Titano.The Museum of Curiosities is a big tourist draw to the local area. This museum of oddities is near the discount hotels in Serravalle and is a hodgepodge of interesting facts and figures, amusing and strange objects, the weird and the unexplainable. The more traditional Church of San Pietro is another site on most visitors must see lists when in the Serravalle area. This church is famous for its 2 rock carved alcoves where legend says 2 famous figures once slept: San Marino and San Leo.