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    Al-Madinah is located on the Red Sea coast of Saudi Arabia about 500 kilometers north of Mecca and its capital is the sacred city of Medina. Medina is known as the “City of the Prophet” and the Prophet Mohammed lived and taught here for many years. When you arrive in Al-Madinah you will be struck by the swaying palm trees and the date plantations that line the roads. The first stop for most visitors to Al-Madinah is Islam´s second holy city Medina. The devout will have the chance to visit some of the most important of Islam´s mosques, and has discount hotels waiting to welcome you to this intriguing and important city.For most visitors the first place they will visit is the Mosque of the Prophet, which is the second holiest site in Islam. The edifice was originally Mohammed´s house when he returned to Medina. Other important holy sites include the Quba'a Mosque, the Uhud Battleground (site of the second holy war for Islam) and Al Baqi Cemetery where many of Mohammed`s companions are interred. Along the Red Sea coast, there are many places that visitors can enjoy diving. A fascinating day trip is the old town of Al-Ula, which includes some of the most important archeological sites in Saudi Arabia. Medain Saleh is another ancient town, which has fascinating tombs.